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The DBT was built for use in the arterial line behind the oxygenator and in front of the arterial cannula. The device works reliable in every position, horizontally and vertically. A holder is not necessary for the DBT, the customer who took the pictures nevertheless preferres to have it in a fixed position. When starting the ECC (and during priming of the machine), the clamp on the recirulation tube has to be opened so the DBT can work. At the end of the ECC the clamp should be closed.

  • Constant and effective elimination of microair due to the dynamic filtration the DBT.
  • Reliable microair removal up to 97% due to the principle of centrifugal forces independent of the amount of microair.
  • Easy priming because of small surface area and self-deairing through working principle.
  • Compared to arterial filters the DBT has up to 500 times less foreign surface area.
  • No haemolesis and no complement activation detectable due to gentle blood handling.
  • The DBT is build into the arterial line and substitutes a piece of arterial line. Therefore the priming volume of the DBT is effectively only 7ml.
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